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Stella Maris Pastoral Office

Arichat Glebe
Office Hours Monday-Friday 8:30am–4:30 p.m.
Secretary: Lisa Benoit
Telephone: 902-226-2109 Fax: 902-226-0102
Email: stellamaris5@ns.sympatico.ca

Weekend Masses for Stella Maris Pastoral Unit

Saturday Saint-Joseph, Petit-de-Grat 4:00pm
Saturday Immaculate Conception, West Arichat 6:30pm
Sunday St. Hyacinth’s Church, D’Escousse 9:30am
Sunday Our Lady of Assumption Church, Arichat 9:30am
Sunday St. Louis Church, Louisdale 11:00am
Sunday Saint-Joseph, Petit-de-Grat 11:00am


Immaculate Conception Parish - West Arichat

This is the second church as the first one was destroyed by fire in 1967, the second one was rebuilt in 1977.


Our Lady of Assumption Parish - Arichat

This Church was first built in 1835, the first mass was celebrated on Oct 15th, 1837. Soon after the old church was demolished, the new one was not exactly as the first, it’s stained glass windows were not two storey, there was no organ, no painting behind the alter, and none on the ceiling. In 1894 the Church undertook significant adding two towers that are still there today, and there are large two story stained glassed windows.


St Joseph’s Parish - Petit De Grat

This Church was also destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1953. to almost the same specifications as the previous one.


St Hyacinths Parish - D’Escousse

This parish was established in 1845 and was named for Father Hyacinth Hudon who served from 1822-1826, during the early years D’Escousse was a mission of Arichat and served by Arichat priests.


St. Louis Parish - Louisdale

Mass was first celebrated in this Church in 1926.

St. John’s Anglican Parish - Arichat

Built in 1828, the Church was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1895 by the Oxford Construction Company of Oxford, Nova Scotia. It was designed by the famous architect William Harris, well know for his churches. Lay Service held on the first Sunday of each month.

Arichat Bible Church

Independent Baptist Sunday Services:
Adult Bible Study 10:00am
Children’s Sunday School 10:00am
Worship Service 11:00am
Wednesday evening bible study/prayer 7:00pm
Pastor Walter M Lawrence 226-3715 or 226-1444
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