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Development Isle Madame Association
We imagine a prosperous island with a much deeper appreciation of its own strengths: its culture and heritage, its bilingual character, its civility and good humor, its alluring physical environment. It will have a somewhat larger and more diverse population, and a large number of small businesses with solid local roots, commitment to quality and a global perspective.

It will be a community which has a learning culture and in which education for personal satisfaction is as common place as training for a new job or research for a new business venture; a community supportive of its people and its businesses.

In short, it will be very much the island we already know and love, but with a solid economic base and a rich menu of personal and professional options.

From early beginning to forward movement

In February of 1995, Development Isle Madame Association (DIMA) was formed to represent community interests while being accountable to identified goals and priorities that emerged during the IAS process. By the summer the Association became a community-owned, non-profit limited company also holding the identity of the Isle Madame Community Improvement Association. Initial board members were hand picked creating a board of fourteen. Since they that number has fluctuated from twenty-two to where it stand today at sixteen. One would be impressed with the number of educated youth participating at the board level. Our board meetings are open to the public and we have representatives from municipal council, Richmond Tourism and the Strait-Highlands Regional Development Agency. Working committees have been created for specific needs such as our Small Options Home, Tradewinds Call Centre and internal financing. We are currently working on establishing a business advisory committee.

DIMA’s long term objective is to become self-sufficient creating economic and community opportunities. Employees act as local planners, initiate and operate businesses and provide counseling to local entrepreneurs.

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