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Benefits to Doing Business in Isle Madame and Cape Breton Island
As stated within the Power of Cape Breton campaign, “Cape Breton’s strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit have enabled the region to successfully transition from a resource-based economy to one that is knowledge and skill-based.”

1. Competitive cost of living
Compared to other regions across North America, Isle Madame and Cape Breton Island are in a very good competitive position with regards to the cost of living. Our real estate costs, construction costs, tax base and business incentives are attractive to families, new business or investment in existing operations.

Cost analysis for a 3 bedroom starter bungalow, full basement on a ½ to 1 acre lot
  Isle Madame, Richmond Co. N.S. $78,000
  Harve Boucher, Antigonish Co. N.S. $129,000
  Spryfield, Halifax Regional Municipality $187,500
  Oakville District, Ontario $317,000
  Fort McMurray, Alberta $369,900

2. Superior quality of life

Business leaders always come back to the fact that it is so great to live here and do business at the same time. This is not the case in many other business climates. Doing business in many areas of the world means a trade-off to a lesser quality of life. Executives and employees all across the Island speak about the tremendous lifestyle that Isle Madame and Cape Breton Island offers.

Warm hospitality, award-winning scenic views, competitive cost of living, safety and friendship all point to a better life here. This may be our greatest asset.

3. Business resources/infrastructure/partnership opportunities available to launch/support business
Isle Madame and Cape Breton Island have become a popular destination for a mobile work force. A competitive real estate market, broadband access and a leading-edge telecommunications network allow remote access to the work place and encourage entrepreneurship.

A myriad of associations and regional organizations that foster the growth of small business and support existing businesses through their life cycles are fully accessible in the community; from Development Isle Madame Association (DIMA), to the Strait-Highlands Regional Development Agency to Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation. For a complete listing of resources, click here.

Business networking is of the utmost importance in growing your business. The opportunity to network by joining your local Chamber of Commerce or other industry-specific group is widely promoted. Opportunities to form partnerships, such as with the Development Isle Madame Association, are also encouraged.

Enjoy the benefits of living locally while doing business globally.

4. Close proximity to major transportation routes
Isle Madame and Cape Breton Island is accessible by air, sea, road and rail which allows for the transportation of goods from any destination around the globe or perfect for making those business meetings in Boston or Atlanta. Isle Madame is close to a major transportation highway series and the Strait of Canso.

5. Rich and diverse cultural base
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6. World-class Education facilities
Isle Madame and Cape Breton boast the finest secondary and post-secondary institutions. Univerisite de Sainte Anne is a French language training facility located at La Picasse in Petit de Grat while Cape Breton University and the Strait Area (45 km away) and Marconi (260 km away) campuses of the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) are world-class training institutions and, by far, on par with other post-secondary institutions across North America. Isle Madame is also only a short distance away from St Francis Xavier University, located on mainland Nova Scotia. From world-class research, technology and training curriculum to Masters Degree programs, CBU, NSCC and ST FX graduates hold some of the best jobs in their respective industry, which in turn grows the competitiveness of our businesses.

7. Close access to retail shopping and services
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9. Resilient, open community
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Welcome Wagon
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